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accent chairs for small spaces

accent chairs for small spaces

You must be familiar with the term ‘cherry on top’. It is mostly used to refer to something that somehow compliments another comparatively large thing. Extracted from the common example of placing a cherry on top of a cake as a finishing effect, this has been taken in practice for various other things. For instance when decorating your home, your final touches concerning the furniture literally mean more than the actual decor you have done. Of course, the decor is important in itself but what makes it even more beautiful to an onlooker is the small finishing touches. Accent chairs for small spaces are a supreme example of final finishing touches. Here’s how you can use them to your advantage:

For Living Room 

In addition to your couch/sofas, add an accent chair in the corner of your living room next to a wall table or a bookshelf to help make the room look less stuffy and more elegant. Placing two accent chairs on either side of the fireplace is also a great idea.

For Bedroom 

These chairs are best used in the bedroom when you need additional seating space but don’t know how to cramp a big chair into a small bedroom. They are also highly stylish and won’t disintegrate your room’s aesthetic.

For Outdoors

These look super adorable when you place them on your porch/veranda or in your small apartment terrace. Since they are built to adapt in small spaces, they will look amazing in any spot you place them in.

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