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antique chest of drawers with mirror

antique chest of drawers with mirror

Do you want your bedroom to stand out from the cliche selection of bedrooms all over your neighborhood? There are various bedroom trends that are constantly being used and overused to the point where you are reluctant to choose any trend in fear of its cliche presence everywhere. Although most people are quite fine with utilizing overused bedroom trends, if you want to stand out of the crowd with an especially stylish and unique bedroom style idea, then opt for an antique chest of drawers with mirror to be placed in your bedroom. There is a high possibility that neither your relatives, friends or family have this kind of idea in mind and an even thinner possibility that they have such a piece of furniture in their ownership. Here’s how you can style your bedroom with this chest of drawers:

Opposite Your Bed

Place your chest of drawers opposite your bed in your room and adorn the wall right above it with small framed (around 9″ x 9″) posters. Placing a small lamp and a potted plant (in a white pot) on top of the chest helps give an effortless vibe to it.

Beside Your Bed

Since your bed takes up most of your bedroom you want to keep it as your centerpiece and focus the other pieces of furniture around it. A bed lamp, some books and a box for your watch/jewelry/alarm will make good additions to your bedside chest of drawers.

Corner Placement 

Placing your drawer chest in one corner of your room ensures that you have all the storage space you need while still keeping your room spacious. Moreover, if you place it next to your window it looks very stylish when it peaks out from behind your curtains.

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