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Antique Glass Top Coffee Table

Antique Glass Top Coffee Table

Every home needs that one furniture item in its living room or lounge to act as a centerpiece that attracts all the praising gazes and attention. In fact, this kind of thing is important in every household. It sort of represents the family’s honor and spirit while embodying it in a timeless, beautiful item. Some families like to bring that kind of attention onto an animal head mounted on one of their living room walls. While others like to hang paintings or multiple photographs of the family’s past. But if you want to give this whole idea a try in a safe and guaranteed way then an antique glass top coffee table is a wonderful way to attract this kind of attention. It is a super addition to your home and can even be partnered with a lot of other wonderful pieces like:

A Plaid Couch 

Plaid patterns match well with vintage themed furniture since their design is not too showy and overall is nearly always available in dark (morose) colors like red and black. These colors are said to be the rulers of all colors since they match well with every other color your antique table may come in.

White Rugs

Of course the floor surrounding your coffee table matters as well since the first total outlook any onlooker will get when looking in your living room is the table along with the floor it stands atop on. With a white lace rug under your coffee table you have the chance to make the best possible decor statement for miles around. Give it a try!

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