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backsplash ideas for white cabinets

backsplash ideas for white cabinets

You must have heard or seen many home decor staples. They are those things that nearly every home has as a stable and never changing decoration object and everything else is built or made around it, keeping it mostly the center of attention. For bathrooms, it is mostly white floor tiles, mirror cabinets, fancy bathtub faucets…etc. When it comes to bedrooms, it is probably comfortable huge plushy pillow seats on the ground and fluffy carpets. But when it comes to kitchens, people mostly use white cabinets as a base to start working on. There is always a base piece or item that you can take as a canvas of some sort and create around it. Back splash ideas for white cabinets actually are what you should be paying attention to as they are the finest form of art that you can work on to make your kitchen look more stylish.

Brickwork Design 

Brickwork has no actual place in your kitchen but you can opt for tile designs that resemble the style and look of brick work. And that type of back splash tile design is every home owner’s favorite thing to place in their kitchen. There is something enticing and highly appealing about brickwork tiles.

Abstract Designs

Of course tiles are the thing you should be working with for your abstract back splash design. Usually to get the idea of abstract tiles across you want to go for the tiniest size tiles you can find and use them in two contrasting colors. Placing the tiles side by side in a certain pattern to create a blurry or glitchy effect is the best way to attract the eyes and appreciation of all.

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