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backyard privacy landscaping ideas

backyard privacy landscaping ideas

Privacy is one of the most important features of getting a home. Most people splurge and go through all the mortgage payments and loans just so they can attain a house with their own privacy. Everyone loves their privacy and it is mostly attained through getting your own home since you have so much land at hand and it is easy to design it according to your likes and needs. Thus, building a wall or a fence is easy for you to do. That is near to impossible to do such a thing when you are living in a flat or an apartment for the land is not yours to claim (you have technically not purchased it). But with a home, you have many backyard privacy landscaping ideas to check out for your convenience and ease. Here are some to help trigger your creative gene:

Fir FenceĀ 

If the name is not enticing enough, this landscaping idea is one that surely will win you over. If you have those small spaces in your backyard fencing or wall that look super unaesthetic and invite gazes inside, then you can make a wall of fir trees to protect your privacy. Fir trees are the best ones to choose due to their shape and how easy it is to prune them.

Shrubs Galore

Shrubs are usually of the perfect height that matches that of a fence so in that case they will not be too high or too low. And they come in many different leaf colors and growth design so you can combine different shrub types together and grow them in a row. The perfect natural wall/fence is thus created.

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