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brown painted kitchen cabinets

brown painted kitchen cabinets

Cabinets in your kitchen are of pivotal importance. They are meant to be there for the sole reason to keep your cups safe and your cutlery in one place. But they also make a very aesthetic statement in your kitchen. Since they take up most of the wall space and lower space of your kitchen, most of that surface area must be looking up to standard and beauty according to how your kitchen looks. Although most people opt for white kitchen cabinets it is brown painted kitchen cabinets that make the biggest difference. Not only are they super sophisticated but they add a touch of unique to your kitchen making your home and your kitchen stand out from the rest of the ones in your neighborhood or the ones your friends and relatives own.

Brown Shades

Brown is a sombre and professional color that fits into almost any setting. Dark brown kitchen cabinets matched with a lighter brown back splash and paired with glossy brown wooden flooring; creates a wonderful complete outlook of your kitchen.

Accent Shades

Even if you want to add an accent shade into your kitchen like yellow, green or red; brown somehow matches with all these shades and brings out the best of them. Meaning your kitchen only keeps getting better and better.

Beautiful Lighting

You must have noticed that with white kitchen cabinets you mostly have to obtain dull lighting in the kitchen for bright lights and white cabinets create an atmosphere too bright to keep your eyes open in. On the other hand, brown painted kitchen cabinets keep your worries at bay for you can install any type of light of any brightness and it will look perfect.

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