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bathroom color schemes for small  bathrooms

bathroom color schemes for small bathrooms

If you think that the interior of your bedroom is the only thing that matters in your house, you have to know you are wholly mistaken. Not just your bedrooms, but your bathrooms play a big role in setting the vibe and style of your whole house. Yes, you heard that right! Let’s face it, most of the jobs we do are done either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. And the ones that call for more relaxation and attention like shaving, bathing, exfoliating and going through your skincare routine mostly happen in the bathroom. So what you have to do is make sure that your bathroom is decorated and painted in soothing and attractive colors. Here are some undeniably gorgeous bathroom color schemes for small bathrooms that you can check out:

Colored Floor Tiles

Most people like to keep their bathrooms floor tiles in white color but you can always opt for teal, brown, light orange and grey. These create a whole new gorgeous dimension for your bathroom that is incomparable with any other bathroom.

Out of The Box Wall Paint 

If you think that you should stick with the crowd when painting your bathroom’s walls, you are highly mistaken. It never hurts to stray away from the crowd, step outside the box and toot your own horn when painting your bathroom walls. Choose wonderful colors like light grey, matte teal, aquatic blue, brick red and even light shades of olive work too. It is entirely your call!

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