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bathroom pendant lighting ideas

bathroom pendant lighting ideas

Bathroom lighting is the key to keeping your home always looking bright, contemporary and incredibly stylish. Of course, decorating the living room, adorning the kitchen with pretty back splashes and keeping the hallway vibrant with wallpaper and potted plants is one way to decorate your home. But if you want to surely leave an everlasting impression of beauty of your home on all those who lay eyes on it, then make sure you select the right choices for your bathroom lighting fixtures. Taking bathroom pendant lighting ideas for instance. A simple yet highly effective method of bringing style and lighting together.

Pendant Lighting VS Others

Pendant lighting is more preferred over other lighting choices because it is that type of aesthetic that everyone opts for because of how easily it adapts to all decor and aesthetics. For example if you have contemporary furniture, mirror cabinets and built in sinks, then these pendant lights will most definitely look great in every setting.


  • Bowl shaped pendant lighting ideas are a wonderful way to keep your bathroom looking aesthetic.
  • Pendant lighting shaped in different shapes like stars and heart chandeliers is also a cute way to brighten up your bathroom if you are not oriented towards any type of aesthetic.
  • Narrow bottle shaped pendant lights are also very popular due to their narrow and slim shape that blends in to any interior decor you have going on in your bathroom.
  • You must be familiar with wind chimes and their nice design! Upkeep this design with pendant lighting when you decide to make a selection. There are some gorgeous pendant lights that come in a collection and are fixed right above the sink.

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