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bathroom wall tile ideas for small

bathroom wall tile ideas for small bathrooms

Small bathrooms deserve just as much attention as the large ones do. There is always an undying hub around big spacious bathrooms with shower rooms as big as a sauna. But, what about the small and modest bathrooms that do not really have that much from the side of space but they can still be decorated and adorned according to your liking. Decoration is very important when you do not have much space at hand for space might be a self-complimenting feature. But, with less space you have to focus on your decoration skills more in order to create an illusively larger atmosphere. Decorating your bathroom is branched into many different types. But the most important and imperative part of the decoration process is tiling your bathroom walls. Take a look at these bathroom wall tile ideas for small bathrooms:

1- Large Widely Spaced Tiles

Mostly in white color, if you tile these walls then you definitely will give your smaller shower room and the constricted space between your bathroom’s four walls a refreshing change. The wide tiles provide a larger room impression and if you want to accentuate this effect even more try matching the tiled walls with comparatively smaller floor tiles.

2- Incorporate Colors 

Other than the staple black, white, grey and milky white bathroom tile colors that you are used to, try using bright colors like orange or green or bright azure blue. These accent colors add a statement of boldness to your bathroom’s total outlook making it look way more unique and contemporary than others.

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