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bedroom designs for teenage girls

bedroom designs for teenage girls

Once your little girl turns into a teenager you probably must be making so many different arrangements and plans for her. There are multiple changes that occur in her life during this transitional period and one of the most important things to keep in mind is making sure her bedroom remains up to her standards. Before teenage years, your daughter’s bedroom must be full of pinks, toys, childhood memories and as much as these may be important to her…it is time to step it up a notch. Bedroom design ideas for teenage girls are what you should be immersing yourself in and making good use of what you have at hand. Yes, pink and toys will still find a place in her teenage bedroom but surely from a more mature point of view.

White Aesthetic 

As your daughter starts stepping into her teenage years she must be getting more interested in aesthetics. The popular white bedroom aesthetic is one that many girls are interested in due to its versatility. You can place all sorts of colored furniture in your room, wall art, lighting fixtures and much more as long as you have a white bedroom aesthetic.

Yellows and Pinks 

Pink is undoubtedly nearly every girl’s favorite color so why not incorporate it in your daughter’s bedroom with another complimentary color like yellow as well as white. The theme of this bedroom aesthetic is to range over different shades of pink and yellow while keeping the white as a constant.

Grey and White 

You can’t go wrong with a grey and white bedroom aesthetic. It fits perfectly according to every girl’s standards and can be paired with multiple other colors…say her favorite color is orange (it would still look good paired with grey & white).

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