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Bedroom Light Fixtures

Bedroom Light Fixtures

Bedroom isn’t only for sleeping. Everyone spends the last part of their day in their bedrooms, either reading a book, watching TV, just making conversations or finishing their work. That’s when bedroom light fixtures come into play. You can’t do these activities in stark darkness. Bedroom light fixtures are a cool way of giving your bedroom a relaxing and beautiful vibe.

Variants of bedroom light Fixtures

Recessed lights work best for ambient lighting. Floor lamps and Table lamps have a decorative element and are best for reading purposes. Wall sconces and ceiling fixtures also come in multiple variants. Basically, you are spoilt for choice with pendant lights, string lights and wall lights.

Make a Plan

Plan your bedroom light fixture addition wisely. The important things are your budget and requirements since there are various types of bedroom light fixtures available in the market. Lights fall into three categories: Ambient, Accent and Task lighting.

Take your room and furniture into consideration

Beside fulfilling your requirement, light fixture must gel with your bedroom space and furniture otherwise it may look odd. For eg. Chandeliers give a dramatic feel whereas Table lamps give a homey vibe.

Unleash your Creativity

You can hire an interior designer or self-design your bedroom lighting. You can get an eclectic mix of unique pieces from thrift store and by spending some time on internet. You can mix or match and create your own designs.

Long term vs. Short term Investments

Recessed light fixtures are permanent and removable (only after a lot of effort) so they can be considered long term investment whereas ceiling light fixtures, Table Lamps and Floor lamps can be easily transferred from one place to another and can be easily replaced.so they can be considered short term investments.

So, Light up your bedroom with light fixtures this year.

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