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Bedroom Wall Storage Shelves Ideas

Bedroom Wall Storage Shelves Ideas

We all have shelves in our home. They are usually left unnoticed when they are in cupboards and racks but what if you want a shelve that is visible to every guest. We all keep our living room picture perfect but it is equally important to keep the bedroom beautiful. Shelves are a great way to enhance the look of your room.

Open floating shelves are a common practice. They are lovely and simple and is ideal for placing showpieces and frames. If you don’t prefer open floating shelves much, then you can go for an enclosed floating shelve. These are not only for keeping multiple items but also removes the need for decorating a wall. Enclosed floating shelves are perfect to keep display items and other stuff.

For those who have a small bedroom and still want to experiment with shelves can have them either on the wall behind the bed or at the side of the bed. Behind the bed shelves would be perfect to place frames while as side shelve can be of a great height and many different items can be kept on it. If you have a pillar in your room, simply fix some wooden blocks and your own DIY shelve design is ready.

Some people tend to be different. If you are one of them, using of tree branches, or unshaped wooden blocks are innovative ideas of shelves. We have given you a list of shelves that will surely add a gem in your bedroom interior. So what are you waiting for? Try out a shelve style and make your room even more fantastic.

So try some beautiful shelves that will enhance your bedroom’s look. Also take care that it should be enough spacious to keep your essentials in your bedroom shelves organized.

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