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Flooring For Screened In Porch

Flooring For Screened In Porch

Your home is a great abode to enjoy living if it is added with a screened porch. This space is a classy outdoor sitting option which is excellent in all weather conditions. You can choose the best flooring for screened in porch from the three top flooring options:


This is the top most popular flooring for your screened porch. Carpets create a comfortable flooring which is soft under your feet and it keeps the noises low as it absorbs the noise. Once you clean them thoroughly, they remain in perfect condition with little daily cleaning requirements.  Moreover, you can choose any color and texture that you like and also change it according to the occasion and season. Choose an outdoor carpet as it resists UV rays and is moisture resistant. A regular carpet would develop mildew and mold.

Porcelain Tiles 

You can customize the floor of your screened porch by choosing porcelain tiles. There are several colors, sizes, and styles of tiles in the market. These are the perfect candidate for your outside area as they do not absorb as much moisture. Ceramic tiles are more fragile and absorb more moisture. That is why choose porcelain tiles as they are dense and last longer.

Wooden Deck Tiles 

These are also popular in modern trends. Wooden slats are laid on a plastic track which keeps them away from the ground and its moisture. That is why they do not rot or develop mold but remain strong and good for a long time.

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