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best lighting for bathroom vanity

best lighting for bathroom vanity

Your bathroom vanity is as important as the dresser in your bedroom. You definitely must have adorned your dresser to perfection! From decorating the wall it is propped up on to maybe framing the mirror and accomplishing other small things that make an otherwise huge difference. But one of the most important things that you keep in mind is that the lighting for your dresser should be perfect. Why? Because you definitely do things like apply your makeup, moisturize and other tasks that require good lighting to be underway. The same applies for your bathroom vanity but in fact it is even more important because you execute sensitive tasks like shaving, applying spot creams, brushing your teeth…etc and for such things you always need good lighting. So here is some advice on attaining the best lighting for bathroom vanity:

1- Vanity Next to A Window?

Sunlight is the best, brightest and clearest source of light for us all. So before you apply your lights make sure whether your vanity lies beside a window or not. That will help you gauge from which angle to fix the lights and when the sun is high and brightest you don’t even need them.

2- Double Vanity? Double Lighting?

When it comes to a double vanity of course you have to fix more lights on either side of the mirrors. But that is not a hard and fast rule for you can apply two lighting bulbs/tubes beside one single mirror as well. All the more light.

3- Feed Your Aesthetic

Lastly, lighting is more of a useful aesthetic addition to your bathroom. You can choose to go for neon lights or maybe small bulbs fixed in the ceiling almost everywhere or a couple of lights fixed right above your mirror.

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