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black and white room ideas with accent  color

black and white room ideas with accent color

It is quite hard to accomplish anything with uniqueness in this forward progressing world. Now, everything that you do has probably been done before by someone else and you just are trying to search for something that is very unique and you can’t seem to find it. That is when you should allow your mind to step outside of its box and think in ways you would have never thought about before. For example, when it comes to customizing and decorating your bedroom it is hard enough searching for a color scheme never done before. But, the thing is that you do not have to opt for a color scheme never done before! In fact, go for one that is widely used but add accent shades. Here are some black and white room ideas with accent color you need to check out:

Black, White, Red

You can never go wrong with this trio of color that will undeniably create the best space for you. Using red as the accent shade of course, you can toggle between black and white for the wall colors, curtain colors, bed frame and flooring.

Black, White, Yellow

With yellow, you can go a little more innovative and try out some black and white patterned wallpaper that is sure to add some style to your bedroom. Yellow, as always, would be the accent color and you can go for furniture, pillows and lamps in that color.

Black, White, Brown 

Although brown may be very close in shade to black, the best thing about it is that it comes in many different hues thus increasing your chances to be creative in bedroom decorating.

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