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blue and grey bedroom color schemes

blue and grey bedroom color schemes

Everyone that has owned a bedroom has gone through that phase where you wish to make your bedroom like a sanctuary for yourself. From the color schemes to the comfortable furniture and the lighting options you select to fill up the space in you room, everything should emanate piece and tranquility. Why? Your bedroom, is where you finish most of your tasks and get your good night’s sleep. Apart from any other place in the world, your bed and your bedroom should be your #1 priority at all times. So, what comes to mind first when you decide to bring make your bedroom your sanctuary? The color scheme you choose for the walls, bedding, flooring, carpeting, curtains, furniture and even lamps makes a huge difference. Blue and grey bedroom color schemes are the perfect place to start, and here is why:

Blue – Aquatic Peace

The color blue is known to always bring peace to your mind, calm your nerves and relax your very soul. Since blue is very closely connected to waters, the ocean and sunshine-y summer days…you will immediately be transported to such settings when sitting in your room.

Grey – Mind Relaxer

The color grey on the other hand, is not only calming and very peaceful but it brings some practicality and functionality in your room. You can choose to add other colors in your room thanks to the versatility of the grey color. For example yellow pillows, pink upholstery and much more. You can go innovative!

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