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blue and white striped shower curtain

blue and white striped shower curtain

Your bathroom environment needs a good curtain same as your living room does. The criteria to choose a suitable shower curtain can be a little different as the purpose of the curtain is quite different. You do not need it to block the excessive sunlight or save your room from heat or cold penetrating from outside. However, the curtains are important because they separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Whatever the purpose, let us focus on a catchy design that stands out the other selections. Find blue and white shower curtains this time and decorate your bathroom with an adorable style.

Vertical or Horizontal

Stripes create a certain effect on the environment. And you can change this effect by changing the direction of these stripes. Horizontal stripes make your bathroom look wider and more spacious. For small bathrooms, keep the curtain’s lines in horizontal position.  This makes a good-looking curtain especially when the stripes are wide and bright.

Vertical lines add more to the length of your bathroom. So, of the roof is low, hang your shower curtain in a position where the lines go in a vertical position. This looks great especially when the lines are narrow.

Two or One

Often homeowners hang one curtain in the shower area.  This seems the most reasonable choice as it promises unbreachable privacy. But, two curtains have some added features that you cannot deny. The first thing is the ease of opening the curtains after you are done. Pull the two curtain on each side and leave your bathroom looking stylish. For assuring intact privacy, you can increase the curtain fabric in the width and the ample cinches will keep the opening well locked. This is more practical, too. So, make your choice according to what makes you more satisfied behind the curtain under the shower!


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