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blue paint colors for living room

blue paint colors for living room

Tt is every home owner’s dream to keep the interior of their home looking neat, orderly and more than anything…calm and tranquil. There should be no bright blinding lights and annoying paint colors that just hurt the pupils of your eyes. Your home should exude peace and quiet that makes you feel like you can kick all your worries to the side, relax, recline and have the best time you can within the 4 walls of your home. The second you enter from the outside, your peace should start from there. In order to help you receive this worldly peace, you must invest some effort from your side and look into some decorating options like blue paint colors for living room.

Why Blue?

The color blue is known to have healing powers thanks to it ambient and serene outlook that resembles the aquatic world. There are many different shades of blue that you can try out and each and every one of them promises perfect results.


  • Cerulean blue is the one shade that is closest to the sea kind of blue. Since it is mixed with a little tinge of green that matches the coral underworld of the sea, it will look great.
  • Denim blue is surprisingly one of the best shades to choose for your living room but make sure you utilize it as a classy choice. For example, paint only wall with it.
  • Baby blue can be used during the sunny spring months when your living room is constantly bathed with a warm glow of sunshine. The light will reflect off the walls and create an ambiance worth cancelling all meetings, and scheduling a whole day lazing on the couch for.

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