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Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Designs

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Designs

Bedroom furnitures bring a cohesiveness to the bedroom and are necessary for storage of things and necessary to give a wholesome look to the bedroom. Be it dresser, nightstand, mirror, closet or couch, these bedroom furnitures are necessary to give definition to the bedroom. You should explore various Bedroom furniture designs so that it fulfills your requirement and suits your taste. Your bedroom furniture must be suitable for your needs.

Bedroom Wardrobe

Bedroom Wardrobe is essential otherwise where would you put your clothes. A well-crafted wooden wardrobe is the best option. Wardrobes affixed with mirrors are the best bet as it serves the dual purpose of keeping your clothes safe and a full-length mirror without compromising any further space.

Bed frames, Headboard and Footboard

Bed frames are not limited to bed rails but footboards and headboards are also included. Footboards and headboards are usually made up of a few materials including wood, leather, paint & other various fabrics. Steel or iron is usually used for bed rails. You can even get customized headboards.

Wall mounted Headboards

A wall mounted or wall hung headboard is fitted into wall to give a floating look. Wall mounted headboards have the advantage of being tall and appropriate to make a statement. These headboards can be chosen in various fabrics to match your bedroom furniture. These walls hung headboards are usually seen in hotels and available in pine or oak, if you want to go for a wooden one.


There are many types of Beds like Air Beds, Bunk Beds, Cabin Beds
Canopy Beds, Divan Beds. There are hook attachments with the bed namely Hook with pin fastener: mortise slots are cut in a vertical manner, Hook with plate fastener: eye plates are used instead of pins and Bed bolts: bolts are drilled into the holes in bed posts for fastening.

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