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curtains for living room windows

curtains for living room windows

There are many items in your house that you can use in a slightly different way to make them look more like decoration pieces instead of just necessary items placed around your house. You can do that with mirrors, when placing them in your living room they will look really different than when you place them in your bathroom. Same is the case with curtains. Although many people place them in front of their windows to avoid the prying eyes of strangers or to give their family some privacy. Some even place curtains to block out the extra sunlight during the day. But, whatever your reason may be, curtains can be used as decoration pieces too and not only necessities. For example your curtains for living room windows can actually be used to enhance the total outlook of your living room as well as shade you from the outside world. Here are some ideas to get you started:

White Tulle Curtains 

Do not just choose one white tulle curtain for your living room but instead go for one that divides into many sections to give off the impression of grandeur. Tulle curtains are already very graceful, so go ahead and add multiple curtains to complete that look.

Multi Patterned Curtains

Instead of going for a single pattern, style or color, opt for narrow curtains of the same length but different patterns. In that way you can string together multiple curtains on either side of the window to create an illusion of layers and in doing so you can create the best ambiance for your living room.

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