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Modern Day Bed With Trundle And Storage

Modern Day Bed With Trundle And Storage

Day Beds are a multi-purpose type of furniture that are generally kept in the living room and used for both sleeping and sitting purposes. They are designed to offer enough space to sit or to lay down and often have space below for storage.

There are two common types of Day Beds available for home use, indoor and outdoor. Day Beds can be placed at one corner in the room or it can be hanging like a hammock. Most of the outdoor Day Beds are hanging with a small roof top which keeps it safe and secured from sunlight, heat or rain. The outdoor Day Beds are mostly placed in the open area like garden, balcony or on the terrace, while indoor ones do not required any shelter on top because they are part of indoor furniture. Most of the indoor Day Beds have simple structure.

Day Beds are mostly preferred to use in the guestrooms. They can even fit suitably in smaller sized kids’ room and are useful in many ways. In case if you want to make use of guest room as visitor’s room or an office or a library then Day Bed makes it flexible. They are combination of lounge or couch, along with being a bed. Most of the Day Beds have supportive sides and larger back side. In some cases, the Day Beds have push-over option to expand the size of bed by extending sleeping capacity.

An infant day bed, which is supported by sides and is designed to protect the child is also quite common. The sides of infant bed are too high for the child to climb up without any foothold. The bed is made of soft cushion which is comfortable for the child. The infant beds can be converted into Day Beds by removing the sides and extending the size if necessary.

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