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decorating ideas for stairs and hallways

decorating ideas for stairs and hallways

If you have a double or triple storey house then you definitely have to deal with a lot of stairs in your way. They are always winding around you and it is tiring enough to trudge up and down them, commuting between one spot to the other. Since these stairs are such a big part of your house then you should definitely design them and make them look better. While the walls of your living room are covered in art, paintings and clocks, make sure that your stairs and hallways are also adorned so they do not look left out. There are many different ways that you can adorn your staircases and hallways to make them look more inviting and attractive. Here are some decorating ideas for stairs and hallways that you can check out to give your home a bright and lovely atmosphere.

More Paintings

You can never go wrong with more paintings anywhere on your walls. Especially when it comes to stairways, you want to invite your guests over with a sense of comfort, and attractiveness. Nothing compares to bringing your guests over, and their first sight and impression of your home will be of class and style.

Stair Runners

This is the classic way of designing any flight of stairs in your house. They are easily attainable and you will find them most practical and aesthetic for your house. They come in all colors, styles and designs making it easy for you to select anyone depending on what your internal decor looks like.


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