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decorative bathroom wall shelves

decorative bathroom wall shelves

Bathroom storage is an issue for nearly everyone who owns a residence with a bathroom in it. There are one too many things to be placed in a bathroom and sometimes you do not have the space for all of those. That is when you start getting confused as to where you should be storing your spare tissue rolls, towels, and all the other items of importance. There is no way that you can store these items outside of your bathroom, that simply makes no sense. So what you should do is look into how you can make more storage space inside your bathroom. Decorative bathroom wall shelves are a great way for you to make good use of the space you have at hand and fulfill your needs by placing all that is important, inside your bathroom. There are many types of shelves and here are some that you should get familiar with before making the final decision:

Hung from The Ceiling 

These come in 3 shelves or 4 depending on how much space you have or need. They are elegantly fastened with stylish hooks that are also tastefully attached to the ceiling giving your bathroom an effortless yet magically perfect appearance.

Between 2 Walls

Sometimes when you have two walls close to one another and the space between them is vacant and at the same time you direly need storage space, make the wonderful decision to fix 3-4 shelves between the walls. In this way you utilize the empty space you have by bringing yourself extra storage space.

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