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distressed white bathroom vanity

distressed white bathroom vanity

Bathroom storage is crucial for everyone. You need a place to keep your toiletries and useful items in a spot where is close to your bathroom (most preferably IN your bathroom) and there is no other alternative to this. This is not an asset to your bathroom but more of a necessity because you absolutely need it. But necessities do not exactly have to fit into some certain stereotype and they certainly do not have to look bland and tasteless. You can spice up almost anything in your home to transform it from looking like a necessity to a decorative useful item. Same is the case with your bathroom vanity. Instead of opting for a normal, basic bathroom vanity choose a distressed white bathroom vanity. This type of bathroom vanity not only looks super unique and different but packs on a bunch of other advantages. Check out some of them below:

Fits Right in To Rustic Homes

Rustic homes are very special and finding variant furniture pieces to place everywhere around your house can prove to be difficult. Because the markets are mostly full of modern day furniture with seamless painting done on it and it simply does not match with your interior.


Home owners do complain of a common thing. Their furniture tend to get dusty, old and worn out too easily. With these distressed bathroom vanities you do not have to pay such issues much heed. Since they are already distressed (by style) they won’t show much wear and tear.

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