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distressed wood bedroom furniture

distressed wood bedroom furniture

Every homeowner has a certain interior decor plan in mind when they purchase their residence. It is natural for you to envision what your future home should look like and if you want it to look a certain way. This can be accomplished by sticking to a certain aesthetic. As much as you want to incorporate different furniture styles and pieces into your house, you have to eventually stick to one theme. Too many different styles will only create confusion as to how exactly you can portray your home. For example, some homes have a monochrome aesthetic where blacks and whites are only used in the interior decor. But, if you want your house to significantly stand out, give distressed wood bedroom furniture a chance. With their specific aesthetic aura, they will surely make for a wonderful addition in your house.

For Your Bedrooms

You will abundantly find many distressed bed frames, cabinets, dresser tables and chairs for your bedroom. Those are perfect for setting the vibe and style of your bedroom in a jiffy. It is best if you pair these distressed furniture pieces with macrame rugs, polished hardwood floors, vintage themed decoration pieces.

For Your Kitchen

Nothing looks better than a distressed kitchen island paired with equally distressed bar stools and you can even go out on a limb and get distressed wooden cabinets installed in your kitchen.

For Your Outdoors

Possibly the best spot for you to place distressed furniture in is your outdoors. Lawn chairs, patio furniture and even a wooden distressed swing out in your garden will do much good in setting the mood.

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