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drapes for living room windows

drapes for living room windows

There is a big debate on what are curtains and what are drapes. How different are these two really? Which should you choose? Are there certain specifications that come with them? Truth is, you can only answer all these questions after you fully know what are these two completely different home decor entities. When it comes to hanging up curtains or choosing drapes for living room windows you must consider the differences between the two.

Curtains Are Lighter

Curtains are what you could call a decoration piece for your living room windows. They are mostly see through and they do not block out sunlight from the outside world. However, drapes are way thicker than curtains. They block out light and are never see through. If you live in a very close knit community or are in fear of people peeking in through your living room window, then make sure you opt for drapes instead of curtains. They do a great a job at blocking out everything from the outside world. And they come in many sizes suiting whichever type of window you have.

Drapes are Good For the Winters

Because drapes are usually always lined and made from really thick fabrics you can use them for the winters. Sometimes you feel like your windows are not enough to keep out the cold and that is when you should put up your drapes and make sure every corner of your windows are hidden behind the thick fabric. In that way your house will not only stay warm but also elegant and classy.

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