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dresser ideas for small bedroom

dresser ideas for small bedroom

Storage is a tricky thing to be getting into after buying a home. As much as it is important there are just way too many options and you never know how to stylishly store all your necessities without looking like your home is some hoarding space. Truth be told, there is no hard and fast rule as to how you can choose your storage options but there is always a way for you to pick out the most stylish and wonderful options according to your interior decor and the space you have. There is no end to how you can decorate your bedroom with a cabinet, dresser and other furniture options regardless of how small your bedroom may be. Dresser ideas for small bedroom span over a large variety and that hugely plays in your favor for you can pick out your favorite from the list. Check out some ideas below:

Dresser and TV Lounge

Having a TV in your room is a real luxury but if you think you don’t have the space for it, think about combining your dresser with your TV space. Fix your TV on the wall right above your dresser and install some shelves above it too so you can place some items there instead of piling everything on the dresser.

Dresser and Wardrobe (2 in 1)

A dresser is made of up of storage space and a mirror atop it. So how about you replicate this idea by installing a mirror in your wall next to an open wardrobe of your choice with shelves, drawers and a hanging rack. Place an elegant high back bar stool in front of the mirror too.

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