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driveway ideas for small homes

driveway ideas for small homes

Big homes are usually always given the spotlight, appreciation and enthusiasm. Everyone always prefers the big homes because of the facilities you get with them. For instance; spacious garage, lots of space, garden/lawn area…etc. And the list goes on! It is true that with big homes you can attain all these things because that is natural. But, if you are not fortunate enough to afford a big home then there is no issue with that. You can make your small home feel just as comfortable, spacious and…homey with a few simple tricks. For instance you can use storage saving furniture and clear out the space in front of your house to create a driveway. Driveway ideas for small homes are curiously even more exciting and appealing than those of big homes. Check out some of these awesome suggestions:

Concrete and Greenery

Driveways do not have to look boring at all! With this marvelous style you get to incorporate green gas with concrete slabs in front of your house. The concrete slabs can also differ in size, shape and style. You can choose for shapeless concrete slabs to be placed together and through their gaps; green grass peeks through. Or you can create a pathway for your car with 3 rows of grass that fit beneath the car and beside it.

Paved Path

Paving your driveway is also a fun way of decorating because you can choose the shape and size of the bricks, their color and their arrangement style in different designs.

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