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extra long bathroom runner rugs

extra long bathroom runner rugs

Rugs are almost in every part of your house. They are a very important part of your interior decor, truth be told! But as much as you may need rugs in your living room, bedrooms and on the stairs there is also a huge need for them in your bathroom. Nothing compares to the comfort and happiness you feel when you step out of the shower or bath and sink your toes in a fluffy, soft rug that is waiting to soak up all the excess water. There are undoubtedly a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to placing a rug in your bathroom. But what you most definitely need are extra long bathroom runner rugs. There are many advantages to using these kinds of rugs over the other ones available in the markets, and here are some reasons as to why:

Always More Space 

No one likes little rug space. You want to comfortably place your feet on the rug and have for yourself an ample amount of fluffy rug space to relax on. Sometimes you want to sit on the edge of the tub and maybe apply moisturizer so for that you need a big rug for you to leisurely place your feet on and not worry about touching the ground.

Won’t Get Fully Soaked

Sometimes when you use a small bathroom rug then from a small amount of water can get the whole rug soaked through and through. This is an intensely uncomfortable and odd situation to be in when you step out of the shower and before you know it your rug is soaked throughout. Unless you’re planning on whipping out yet another rug from some magic spot, it is highly recommended to opt for an¬†extra long bathroom runner rug in the first place to avoid this situation.

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