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Modern Tall Lamps

Modern Tall Lamps

A lamp is a device that gives us light. Different kind of lamps is available in market tall lamps, touch lamp, halogen lamp Fluorescent lamp etc. are various types of lamps and made for different purpose for example touch lamp works with touch on off through touch no button available but tall lampwork through button not touch and we see that Fluorescent lamp is used for lightning purpose but the touch lamp is used when you sleep. Tall lamp is having a quite huge height which you can place in the bedroom and on the outdoor patio.

Uses of floor lamp:

This lamp is also called adjustable lamp and is adjusted for your choice you increase this lamp height and also decrease

Different types of floor lamp:

  • Touchier floor lamp:

This lamp is the most popular because of its unique appearance torch like appearance and lighting fixture pointing upward

  • Club lamp:

A club lamp is another ubiquitous style. This is a hard lamp for area lighting.

  • Glass tray lamp:

This is generally a club floor lamp with a glass tray inserted at table height level.

  • Adjustable club floor lamp:

This is usually a standard club lamp but the height is adjustable in this lamp

  • Six-way floor lamp:

It is also known by the name of mogul lamp. In this lamp, no. of bulbs are used. This lamp is only used when highlight is required.

  • Tower floor lamp:

This lamp provides ambient light it uses three light bulbs of 40 watts each. This lamp is available in different colors and stands 76” height with diameter of 14”

  • Down bridge floor lamp:

In this lamp light directed downward. This lamp is a very good reading lamp. It is very contemporary in shape, style and very tall in size also call tall lamps.

So, try these lamps and see amazing lightning.

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