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Wrap Around Couch With Chaise

Wrap Around Couch With Chaise

Packing awkward pieces of furniture will be a daunting task for you. Packing is one of the difficult aspects has to be done. A question arises that how would you protect your couch with the built in recliners. An ordinary slipcover will need the exact shape of your couch. If you want to order a customized slipcover that has exact fitting then it requires proper measurement that provides a specific design. While measuring for a slipcover regarding a couch there are many things which can be determined up front. Seat cushions may be different types, either they are of square or need a T cushion slipcover. A T-cushion slipcover used to wrap all around the seat front, provide a T shape whenever viewed from above. Whereas a square shape cushion will be going to fit in a frame which looks like a perfect rectangle or a square.

Seat back cushion is also an important thing that can be determined. Such cushions are either fixed or removable. Some of the designs which help to measure the couch cushions accurately are-

High back- high back couches are almost similar to low back couches except that a straight and upholstered back will rise just above the couch armrests which is usually more than thirteen inches.

Low back- whenever you look the side of a couch its back will look similar to a pyramid or like a square shape. Such types of couches provide straight and upholstered back which rise almost above its armrests not more than ten inches.

Tuxedo back- this type of couch has a similar height of the back and its arm just having a difference of one or a half inch.

Rounded back- while facing such sofa, it provides the round and upholstered back with non-removable cushions that rise above the armrest.

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