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Oriental Carpets Home Decors

Oriental Carpets Home Decors

Oriental carpets are hand braided carpets extensively available at traditional rug weaving countries like India, Nepal, China, Iran and much more and they are the biggest exporters of these carpets. The weavers use knots for firmness and brightness in the curvilinear designs, they are very thick and use a rich color combination which is the highlights of these carpets.

The carpet is textile flooring made of wool, cotton, silk, and more. These carpets are available in different styles like a rectilinear and curvilinear design, field design, medallions and borders and other single designs elements like Herati pattern, Mina Khani pattern, Shah Abbasi, Bid Majnūn, Harshang, Gol Henai and Gul design.

The colors, knots, and pattern used in these oriental carpets are always linked with indigenous culture and the weaving style attributed to a geographic area or nomadic tribe. The colors used in the carpets holds some meaning to mention a few, green means hope; red indicates beauty, wealth etc; blue indicates power; orange means humility and so on. The oriental carpets have two styles of knots they are Persian knots and Tibetan knots. With respect to designs, each oriental carpet is based on some symbols which also holds certain meaning, star symbol depicts good luck; lotus depicts rebirth; lily depicts purity; diamond signifies woman etc.

The history behind these oriental carpets knots, design and colors are interesting, but most of us are ignorant of it and look at it as only a home décor. The oriental carpets are used at home as décor and mostly as traditionally inspired decors; however in past few years, we could also see that these carpets are used as in modern decors.  Oriental carpets never go out of trend irrespective of its color, design, and scale as long the quality is premium. These carpets mostly match the majority of the design styles.

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