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popular paint colors for living rooms

popular paint colors for living rooms

Sometimes playing it safe is the best way to play it, no? As much as many homeowners love to step out of the stereotype of living room paint colors, one has to admit that the stereotypical colors are awfully nice. The real reason behind these colors getting stereotyped is because they always tend to look great with everything. Regardless of what furniture you decide to place in your living room or which paintings you want to hang on the wall, these colors will compliment everything and seamlessly bring together every part of your living room so that it looks whole, stylish and well planned. If you are wondering what exactly are these popular paint colors for living rooms then here are some examples for you to consider and maybe try out if you are open to new suggestions.

Light Robin Blue and Grey 

Light blue is a tranquil and beautiful shade of blue that you can use on the walls of your living room to even out any unintentional darkness that it contains. As for your ceiling, keep it a light shade of matte black to match the light blue.

50 Shades of Grey 

Grey is a wonderfully formal yet carefree color to choose for your living room. It not only looks great from every aspect but its also the perfect balance of informal and formal. Meaning you can never go wrong with grey! An innovative way of styling your living room is by incorporating many different shades of grey in it. From dark hues to lighter ones, go with a system and your end result will be fabulous.

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