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red and black kitchen decorating ideas

red and black kitchen decorating ideas

Color coding is a popular and common type of aesthetic approach towards decoration. Be it your own wardrobe or bookshelf, when colors are assorted and ranked together in a stylish manner they create a gorgeous display. Same is the case with your house’s interior decor. Incorporating different colors together in a skillful, artistic manner will only play in your favor and enhance your house’s total outlook. There are many different color combinations that you can try out but when it concerns your kitchen, you must look into red and black kitchen decorating ideas.

Colors of Royalty

There are multiple reasons as to why you should choose the colors red and black. And the first one is how well they blend together in a royal style. On top of that, they are also actual royalty colors. They match together in the best ways.


  • Red cabinets and black appliances with white marbled flooring
  • Black and white checkered flooring plan with red shelving, counter tops, cabinets and walls.
  • Red furniture (bar stools, kitchen island) paired with black and white patterned wallpaper and metallic surfaces.
  • Incorporate grey with your color scheme as it is part of the black color family. For example opt for grey cabinets, red appliances with a white back splash and white marble counter tops everywhere.
  • You can try to bring red and black in your kitchen in a subtle manner with the help of decoration pieces, art on the walls and small appliances here and there. Try a different approach!

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