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custom bathroom countertops with sink

custom bathroom countertops with sink

You must have noticed how important counter tops are in your kitchen. In the same way they are crucial in your bathroom as well. Yes, counter tops set the mood and vibe perfectly for wherever they are installed. Depending on how your bathroom decor looks like, you must pick a counter top accordingly. Now, bathroom counter tops come in all sorts of styles and designs. But possibly the most convenient, stylish and classy type is that counter top that comes with a sink in it as well. In that way you can kill 2 birds with one stone. Making your bathroom look really stylish while at the same time making great use of the space you have at hand. Here are some ideas of custom bathroom countertops with sink for you to check out and maybe they will help you make up your mind on which to choose for your home:

Double Sink Counter Top 

This is inspired mostly with the double bathroom vanity idea. If you can keep there two different cabinets, make sure you do the same with the sinks as well. In that way two people can simultaneously use the bathroom with no squabbles over who shall use the sink.

Small Singular Sink with Vast Counter Space

You must have noticed the issue with cramped counter top space, when you have multiple bottles and items to place near the sink but there is not much space. For that reason, keep there a vast space around your sink for all these items to avoid any inconvenience.

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