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Fabric Valances For Vertical Blinds

Fabric Valances For Vertical Blinds

Valances are the very short window treatment the covers the upper portion of the window. Generally, valence length ranges from 10 to 18 inches and they are intentionally designed to hide the rods of the curtains. Along with hiding, it will give a pleasant look to your home without blocking the natural light. These are mostly accompanied with the interior decoration and the colors. The pattern is matched with the room interiors too. You can use this as a complete treatment to window space.

There is wide range of varieties are available with different size and style. Each style can dramatically bring changes on the floor and give classy look. Normally valances are produced with fabric, but almost all are made with faux silk, silk, poly/cotton, linen, satin, jacquard, polyester, and velvet. Many window valances are lined with an extra piece of cloth to protect the fabric from solar radiations.

Different types of valances:

The valances are available in different types and in a variety of style to give a better look to your window space. The main types of window valances are as follows.

  • Balloon valances: these kinds of valance “balloons” out giving a full presence. These valances are normally made with cotton material.
  • Swag valances: these are drapes over the top and hangs across the brackets, as with the tails hanging down. Normally, swag valances are made with lightweight fabric.
  • Ascot valances: These valances will form triangular shapes that will hang over the window curtain.
  • Italian valance: These valances are made with fabric, which will drape across the top of the space of the window. The length of these valances is forming with curve designs in a short width. Normally this form in the center part of the window space.
  • Cascade: This type of valances are made in zigzag shape through which the fabric falling under the window gracefully from the top of the window.

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