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antique white bedroom furniture

antique white bedroom furniture

Placing furniture in your bedroom surely can be one tricky task to get yourself in. It is challenging in many ways since you have to keep multiple things in mind while still trying to achieve the perfect bedroom you envision in your mind’s eye. For starters the bed should be of certain height and the bedside cabinet(s) must be of specific material. The list of requirements goes on and on but there is one requirement that rules all others. The color scheme of your bedroom plays a very crucial part in determining how your entire house even looks like. Determining what color scheme you should be opting for is closely related to the color flooring you have, carpets you’ll use, furniture that’ll fill up your room and most importantly your wall paint. If you make the wise decision of selecting antique white bedroom furniture, then here are some highly recommended wall colors to pair it with:

Grape Juice

A mild blend between purple and blue, this color brings out the unique beauty of your white furniture and creates a contrasting background. With such a wall color using gold details is recommended like your cabinet drawer knobs, carpets and bed spreads.

Fawn Brown

Brown and white go hand in hand together like Jack and Jill. Choose a soft shade of brown like the fawn brown color and you will see the beauty of your room emanate to all your house.

Bahama Blue 

Blue is the color of water, life, peace and all things beautiful. Opt for a shade of blue that is close to sea blue like Bahama blue and make sure you opt for slightly off-white furniture to bring everything seamlessly together.

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