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Oak Swivel Bar Stools Counter Height

Oak Swivel Bar Stools Counter Height

Oak bar stools are a great addition to the modern home. It has become more popular over the years, often located by a kitchen counter or at a home bar. Just imagine the higher view it provides to the guests. Made with oak wood, it is both a work of beauty and strength.

Considering a versatile, functional and classic piece of furniture for you home bar or kitchen counter? The oak bar stool come in many different styles and types. It can be designed with armrests, padding, backs, or upholstery on the seat surface. The versatility of the oak bar stool allows adjustable heights, perfect for eating, drinking, or hanging out, making it a must-have for the home.

The seat height of the oak bar stools can range from 30 inches to 36 inches. In comparison, a normal dining chair can only reach a low 18 inches. Oak bar stools can also be tailor fitted with other materials such as metal, chrome, bamboo, or upholstery, depending on the home needs. The exquisite look of the oak wood will surely give a sense of genuineness and luxury to your home bar or kitchen counter experience.

Without a doubt, the oak bar stool is the toughest of its kind of wooden stools. Thus far whilst being remarkably durable, it is known for being easy on flooring. Its wooden base is much less likely to leave a scratch or mark on floor surfaces, from carpets to tiles to plain floorboards. Imagine dragging the oak bar stool across the room without leaving a single dent on your precious flooring. The oak bar stools are easy to slide under the counter tops for stress-free and fast after-party cleanup. A perfect choice to a cozy and comfortable home.

Over the years, the oak bar stool has really been designed and redesigned to fit the perfect setting for people’s homes.  Whether it is a traditional or a more contemporary design, the oak bar stool boasts a choice of styles to give all types of interior setting. May it be a mid-century modern, industrial, nautical, bohemian, or farmhouse, the oak bar stool is perfect for the most popular interior designs.

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