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piece framed canvas wall art

piece framed canvas wall art

Art is an important part of every home! Yes, every home can benefit greatly from art that is hung on the walls because it is a refreshing change from the interior environment of a house. But unfortunately, some people do not appreciate art that much. Although that is a crying shame, for those art enthusiasts the world of wall art keeps constantly expanding and there is a never ending list of new ideas entering the markets. One of those many unique and much loved wall art ideas is 5 piece framed canvas wall art.

What Is 5 Piece Framed Canvas Wall Art?

A very simple yet mindblowingly awesome idea that has taken the world of interior decor by storm, the 5 piece canvas wall art is basically one picture divided over 5 canvases. The canvases range in length and width depending on where they are placed. The middle canvas is long and narrow in width while the two on either side of it are a bit shorter and wider in width. Lastly the two canvases on the outside are almost square-ish in appearance.

Themes for Selection 

Depending on where you are placing these 5 piece canvas wall art you can choose the theme a.k.a the photograph on the canvas. For example if you are placing one of these in your son/daughter’s bedroom then you might want to choose its theme to be their favorite movie character/superhero. And if you are placing one of these in your living room then select one photograph with such colors that compliments the colors you have used for the furniture and walls.

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