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Antique Wooden Chairs With Arms

Antique Wooden Chairs With Arms

Some people are fans of the bigger picture while others pay attention to minute, tiny detail. Picture yourself in an art museum where there are foot long paintings adorning every wall around you. Yes, they look beautiful from afar but what really impresses you is when you step closer and notice the faint brush strokes on the canvas and every color blending into each other. Detail is what brings everything together in one of the best ways possible. Same is the case with your home’s furniture. If you want your house to give off a vibe of sophistication and elaborateness then pay attention to tiny detail. For example, small pieces of decor on the mantelpiece, framed art on the walls and down to the tiniest napkin in your kitchen; everything makes a difference. And with furniture, the more attention you pay to the smallest detail like in antique wooden chairs with arms, the more your home will look fancy and chic. Here are some examples and ideas:

Chair Feet 

Since you are trying to get across the vibe of antique vintage beauty, opt for cabriole feet that will help in accentuating your idea in mind. Also a tip to achieving the best aura from these chairs is to place them around the fireplace in your house. Perfect vintage effect!


Upholstery is a grand way of making every chair feel more comfortable because no one wants to relax into a hard wooden chair that feels stony and unwelcoming. But when choosing an upholstered antique chair make sure there are some embroidered patterns on it to intensify its sophisticated effect.

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