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basement under stairs storage ideas

basement under stairs storage ideas

Upon purchasing a home, you constantly have the nagging feeling that you are not utilizing it to its fullest degree. There will always be a space that you can put one more chair in and the wall could use some better wall paper. This issue lies majorly in the region of storage. There are so many home owners that have messy store rooms or items that are messily discarded in their bedrooms and/or in the small nooks and crannies of the house. That is hardly a pleasing sight, so why not utilize those small nooks and crannies in a better way to store/hold more items. Basement under stairs storage ideas are one of the best approaches towards this step.

Plastic Storage Baskets 

These are a clever and neat way to pack away things easily and in an orderly fashion. You can start with plastic rack and then organize the baskets for certain items like; “Toys”, “Spare Sheets, “Donation”…etc.

Bookshelf Style

Bookshelves are…surprise…not just for books. Their shelving style can be utilized in many different ways. For example keeping small items like decoration objects, alarm clocks, paintings, art supplies…etc.

Pull Out Shoe Closet

There is literally no better place to place your shoes in than the basement under the stairs. Opt for a pull out closet to help maintain your home’s aesthetic outlook. There are so many different styles of shelving, colors and types of pull out closets you can choose from but the most important thing to keep in mind is how much space you actually have to transform into a storage spot.

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