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bathroom mirror ideas for double vanity

bathroom mirror ideas for double vanity

Some may say that bedrooms are the most important places to decorate and style in order to upkeep the total outlook of your home. And others will argue this point stating that the living room or lounge in fact are the most vital rooms in the home to always be paid attention to since they are like the hub of the household. But, in all actuality the most important section of the house lies neither in your sleeping quarters or eating quarters. In fact, your bathrooms are the places that call for most attention. Keeping the style of your bathrooms contemporary, neat and orderly will immediately transform your house to a sleek, modern one. You of course, need help in deciding how to modernize your bathroom so here’s one bangin’ idea to check out; bathroom mirror ideas for double vanity.

What is a Double Vanity?

Before applying this idea to your bathrooms, learning what a double vanity is…is important. Double vanities are perfect for those households where there is always a rush on the bathrooms. There’s always someone needing to blow dry their hair and another needs to brush their teeth at the crack of dawn on a Monday. Avoid the hassle altogether with a double vanity that is technically double storage space and double mirrors for ultimate convenience.

Mirror Ideas

  • Two circle mirrors where one is larger and the other contrastingly smaller.
  • One huge sheet of glass that covers one whole wall of the bathroom is said to be a double mirror too, no?
  • A long narrow mirror is also one that makes up for the need of two mirrors except it is one and stretches over all the vanity.

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