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colour combination for living room

colour combination for living room

The living in room in your house, as you may have noticed, is a wonderful spot for you to relax in and bond with your family while seated there. It somehow represents the backbone of your family for everything important and worth remembering somehow always happens in the living room. Whether it is watching movies on Christmas Eve or watching the basketball game with them…the living room is the best spot for that. So, why don’t you go ahead and support that thought by ensuring that the environment of your living room also matches that same energy. The colour combination for living room plays a big role in somehow setting the mood for family gatherings, movie nights and even pillow fort nights. So here are some awesome, unique living room color combo ideas for you:

White and Orange  

Seems like an eyesore at but make sure plenty of your living room is white…the walls, curtains, carpeting. Place an accent chair in a nice pumpkin orange shade and finish it off with pumpkin orange couch cushions.

Shades of Yellow

Playing around with different shades of yellow is also a great idea for there are many and it is always fun to go for light yellow walls, mustard yellow accent tables or potted plants. Then finish it all off with a white couch and light brown carpeting.


Painting one of your living room walls pink is highly advised for it transforms your interior and makes a big difference. Try pink sofa cushions too.

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