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butcher block island countertop

butcher block island countertop

Kitchen remodeling is the dream of every homemaker. No matter how do you want to design your new kitchen, the most you look forward to are a few things and butcher block island countertop is one of them.  You love it for several reasons. This is the focal point of every kitchen and a necessity, too.


You have two options in the countertop – one is granite and other is any strong wood. Often maple wood is chosen because it is solid and has a clear grain. Other types of wood are also possible. This is the best option for a country or traditional kitchen. Wood adds a warm, rustic, and classic appeal to the whole island. Thus, it looks the best option.


For heavy kitchen work, butcher block island countertop is the most suitable option. Whether you want to prepare some intricate food or just want to prepare vegetables for a hot spicy oven baked beef and vegetable casserole, your most comfortable working platform is your countertop island.  You can decorate a birthday cake, add colors to your fondant, beat eggs and do several other jobs with ease other than just cutting the food.

Long Lasting

Your butcher block can last quite long in immaculate condition if you take good care of it. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations when you buy a new piece. However, regular cleaning of the surface with water and vinegar is important. Every six months, the wood countertop needs reoiling. The oil’s layer on the surface protects the wood from the effects of wetness.

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