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Black Living Room Furniture Sets

Black Living Room Furniture Sets

Black is a versatile, fashionable color and adds a modern touch. Black furniture provides a masculine feel and it has been used in the personal spaces like bedroom and bathrooms but using black in your living room is a big decision and here are some tips to help you out.


Whether you want to use black accents or want to go all out, black should not be overdone. For eg dark wooden furniture and matte black walls can be offset by the use of dazzling gold on one of the walls or a piece of art in neutral colors, textural rugs and putting white pillows on the black couch.

Smart use of light

Light can be used to downplay the effect of all black decor if it is used smartly. From using natural light with a white curtain or rectangular lights hanging from the ceiling or cove lighting. A backlit panel with some artwork can also be used for subdued lightening effect.

Going Artsy all the way

Sometimes we have to give it to the geniuses of design to come up with designs that are intelligent and artsy. For eg, A backlit paneled dark wall with drawers built in with a large sectional sofa.

Mix in some other color

Even a single colorful artwork or mural or a carefully placed couch or sofa in bright color can change the whole vibe in an interesting way. For eg. A dash of yellow or pink to an otherwise black themed living room makes things interesting.

Add some greenery

You can add life into your living room by carefully placing some plants. Make sure the placement works well with other furnitures. This will work well with the black theme of the living room and add a cuteness to your living room.

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