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bathroom space saver over toilet

bathroom space saver over toilet

Making a good use of available space in rooms is an art. And this art becomes more eye-soothing when you keep a standard of style and design in your focus. Often small bathrooms are a concern because of the lack of space. But, you are not quite helpless about it. There is always some good space over your toilet seat that you often tend to ignore. Bathroom space over toilet seat can help you have ample storage in your bathroom. Just have a great artistic taste to create the storage!

Your storage over the toilet seat can be quite compact sufficing your major storage needs. There can be three to four shelves and each shelf with a dividing wall is good for many small objects to stay safe and snug. Providing doors to your storage cabinet is entirely up to you. But, doors can protect your small objects more. In case, you are storing there your skin care products or bathing essentials, you would like to keep the doors closed.

You can go versatile about the design of your over the toilet seat storage. Keep it easy to reach and hassle-free to use. Often the storage under the sink is not always very inviting. You do not want to reach underneath the sink and look for what you need behind a lot of stuff or buried under the layers towels. In this case, your better option is easily approachable over the toilet seat cabinet. So, think of creating one stylish storage in your bathroom soon for a fuller experience of bathing!

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