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beach themed bathroom decorating ideas

beach themed bathroom decorating ideas

Are you a beach lover? Someone who hits the beaches every summer a couple hundred times? The beach is simply a wonderful spot for you to relax and soothe yourself in. That is why most people associate beaches with peace, love, harmony and more than anything happiness. There is something intoxicatingly lovely about the open blue seas, the sand and the environment on the whole that attracts you more than anything. So, naturally if you have such a great bond with the beach you must think of incorporating its theme in some part of your home to serve as an everlasting reminder of your passion for the beach. Beach themed bathroom decorating ideas are the best place to start and here is a kick start for you if you need one:

Coral Detail

Beaches are all about corals and small cute shells littered everywhere. So go ahead and make that theme a big statement in your bathroom. For example a shell shaped mirror or a mirror with a frame lined with shell designs.

Wall Color Scheme

As all may know the color schemes of the beach circle around the blues of the ocean, browns & yellows of the sand and the blue-green shade of the deep waters. Playing around with those colors is a great idea for you can tile your walls in brown textured tiles, acquire mats and towels in blue color as a finishing touch.

Art Pieces

Decorating your bathroom walls with starfish/jellyfish ornaments, placing succulents on your vanity or on the windowsill adds a beachy touch to the overall look of your bathroom.

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