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best ceiling fans for bedrooms

best ceiling fans for bedrooms

Once upon a time people used to use fans to cool down their room or cause some kind of ventilation to ease the congestion of bedrooms in the summertime. But as ACs have been introduced, the purpose of ceiling fans have significantly been reduced. But, now they are being used as a complimentary decoration staple in many households. They are fixed into the ceiling not so they can fulfill their basic job but to create a new dimension for the room. They are even manufactured in fancy and stylish designs to fit in to this new ‘aesthetic’ requirement. So here is a list of best ceiling fans for bedrooms for you to take your pick from:

Fancy Propellers

We all know what classic ceiling fan blades look like, no? But, if you want to stray from the ordinary approach towards ceiling fans then opt for one that has differently styled blades. There are some fans with leaf shaped blades and curved ones angled around the center. Take your pick!

Multiple Wings

Since 90% of ceiling fans have 3 wings, why not go for one that has more than that. There are ones that even have eight wings in total and once you turn on the fan and it starts to move, the great number of wings make a wonderful display of mesmerizing movement that is sure to calm your senses on an especially lazy summer afternoon.

Pendant Fan or No?

Some fans are attached straight to your ceiling while others hang a little lower with a pendant like structure. For houses with low ceilings, this pendant fan idea probably won’t be a good idea but if you have high ceilings and a lot of space, pick one of these for they are way more sophisticated.

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