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Bi Folding Doors Aluminium

Bi Folding Doors Aluminium

Bi folding doors, also known as folding sliding, sliding folding, glass folding and sliding glass dividers. Bi folding doors are doors that open while its panels fold and stack against the wall. Single sliding doors are quite common in the Japanese culture and you can spot it in Doraemon cartoon.

Bi folding doors usually connect the rooms to an outdoor area like garden or sea. Bi folding doors can have up to 7 panels which are connected by hinges and have rollers attached to the top and bottom. Bi folding doors provide a great view of the outside. Thin frames and glass panels provide an uninterrupted view of the outside. Bi folding doors are getting popular in both domestic and commercial circuits.

Bi folding doors are usually made in Aluminium, hard glazed type. Bi folding doors are either bottom rolling or top hanging with the bottom rolling one getting much more preference.

Benefits of Bi folding doors

  • Opens room to the outside.
  • Creates an illusion of space
  • Allows entry of Natural light
  • Sleek and good looking
  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Large range of colors.

Timber vs Aluminium

Bi folding doors are available in both timber and Aluminium and you should choose according to your requirements.

Bi-fold doors made from wood give a traditional appearance natural beauty wood. The con is that they require regular painting or varnishing to maintain their appearance. Also, wooden doors provide the best thermal insulation.

Aluminium does have the distinct advantage of slimmer sightlines and a powder-coated finish, which does not have to be re-coated. While buying a bifold door price should be considered before making a choice. It is important to look closely at a company’s history, warranties and the general quality of the products. Ask about adjustment; aluminium expands and contracts with climatic changes.

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