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black and silver bedroom decorating

black and silver bedroom decorating ideas

Upon purchasing or acquiring a home, you can notice that much care, precision and attention is paid to the bedrooms. Why, you may ask! Well, bedrooms are like your comfort zone where you can work, sleep, study and connect with your personal mental peace. So, it is only natural that you would want to create the best environment for yourself there. Now, there are many different ways for you to set the mood of your bedroom. Starting from how comfortable your mattress should be to if you should keep 1 or 2 chairs in the vicinity and much more, these small factors make the hugest difference. So, if you are in need of some bedroom decorating ideas here is the best color scheme you should opt for to make your bedroom the most unique, royal and classy one. Check out these black and silver bedroom decorating ideas:

Silver Bed, Black Flooring

The flooring and your bed are definitely the most prominent things in your bedroom so keep them in those shades. Now, the smaller detail like your bedside cabinet and ceiling light; go innovative with the colors. A metallic cabinet with an aluminium plated mirror hung over it as well as a silver chandelier bring everything together in the best seamless manner.

Black Wall, Silver Furniture

Start by getting a black bed frame and the wall behind it, paint it black too. Next keep your ceiling, floor and other walls in white color while all the furniture including the table lamps and framed pictures…keep them in silver shade.

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